Born 1962 in Gram, Denmark. Lives and works in Aarhus, Denmark

Trine Rytter Andersen is a visual artist and independent curator and fine arts consultant With a background in classical drawing and modern sculpture, her practice has for the past ten years inscribed itself in conceptual and performance arts: first during her studies at The Jutland Academy of Fine Arts in Aarhus; later through the collaboration with Tina Lynge and Grethe Aagaard in the context of the artists group artillery.

Starting from a deep personal interest, Andersen's artistic practice focuses on social, economical/commercial, and political structures. In her work, she addresses and analyzes different aspects of power in search of alternative positions. In the context of artillery, these positions are tested in different contexts, often addressing the audience on a direct and individual level by inviting them to participate in a process of investigation and reflection on equal terms with the members of the group.

As a curator, Andersen investigates positions that establish and emphasize a play between art and politics. Art is able to subvert ingrained patterns of expectation usually based on either/or solutions by posing new questions and unveiling new answers, which in turn inspire to different actions. Andersen's strategy is not an attempt to subordinate art to politics or vice versa, but to reflect the two different principles of meaning by bringing them into play with one another without reducing the one to the other.

Through this juxtaposition of art and politics, art becomes a co-producer of meaning and possible positions in society and is pulled out of its exclusive, institutionalized framework and thrown into the limbo of opposite voices struggling for life and space.

Andersen has been involved in curatorial processes in conjunction with various artist based exhibitions and actions, such as Det Tyvende Århundredes Lys (Aarhus, Denmark, 1998); as co-curator of the Danish section of Artgenda

(Hamburg, Germany, 2002) and De udvalgte (The Chosen Ones)(Aarhus, Denmark, 2002); and as project coordinator and co-curator of Aarhus Festival of Contemporary Art 2004. Trine Rytter Andersen where exhibition manager at the first Sculpture by the Sea exhibition in Aarhus Denmark 2008.

Since she has curated TRANSFORM a huge inter disciplinary group show in Aarhus 2010, EGO in Kunsthal Aarhus 2012 + I create my self – ergo I am Kunsthal Aarhus 2013. Presently she is engaged as a consultant and a member of the international jury for LAND SHAPE land art in Northern Jutland 2015.

Over the years, she has written a large number of texts on art and artists for different Danish daily newspapers, catalogues, and books.

On a freelance basis Trine Rytter Andersen has given lectures in fine arts theory and practices at various art schools in Denmark. Additionally she has given speaks in connection with various exhibitions and interviews about fine art issues in Danish television and on radio.

Currently Trine Rytter Andersen runs her own business as fine arts consultant, curator and mentor. Along site this she also holds a position as project manager for Project Art Writing at Aarhus Litteraturcenter. Since 2011 she has been art reviewer and -critic at the largest web-magazine for contemporary art in Denmark: